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Finding the Game:Thesis

Read my masters thesis about the linguistics of improv comedy. It's a bit heady and long. Sorry.

Comedy Blog

A semi-regular collection of musings about improv, comedy, and language. I try to distill some of the findings of my thesis into everyday terms.

comedy classes

If there's a class you'd like to see, please contact me to make a request. I am happy to teach classes in improv, sketch, standup, and film. I offer personal, group, children's, and corporate workshop rates.


Wow your friends, woo your girlfriend or boyfriend, and want no more for the next interesting thing to say in a conversation!


Whether you’ve always had interest in improv, comedy, acting, or performance — or if you just want to meet some good people and have a good time — this class will give you the resources you need to get started or hone the skills you already have.


Fundamental Skills Will Include

  • Making Offers

  • Saying “Yes, and…”

  • Creating Bold, Interesting Scenes

  • Cultivating Spontaneity & Following Your Intuition


There will be a graduation performance at the end of the class.

This is an 6-week course held Sunday afternoons from 3-5pm April 5th - May 17th. Classes are held @ Nimbl  • 160 Winston Dr #9 Athens, GA 30607.



This class is for people who have completed Level 1 or have a foundational understanding and practice in improv. We will focus on learning how best to play short-form improv games to create bold, interesting scenes that get us “out of our head.” By the end of the course students will have a better grasp on ways to make a scene more engaging, dynamic, and fundamentally fun.


Fundamental Skills Covered

  • Heightening Stakes

  • Editing Scenes

  • Finding the Game of the Scene

  • Creating Resistance and Tension

  • Playing a “Simple Game”


There will be a graduation performance at the end of the class in the evening of Monday June 1st.

This is an 8-week course held Sunday evenings from 6-8pm April 5th - May 31st. Classes are held @ Nimbl • 160 Winston Dr #9 Athens, GA 30607.