Why Improv?

In my improv classes you will learn the fundamentals of comedic improv: making offers, saying “Yes, and,” establishing narrative, and how to play the hilarious games that will help build spontaneous scenes. Thanks to COVID, we will be doing all of this online!


You will learn to:

  • Get “Out of Your Head”

  • Become a Better Public Speaker

  • Find the Best in Your Teammates (or Coworkers)

  • Fail Gracefully

  • Listen Meaningfully

  • Become the Funniest Person in the Room*

*Depends upon room size — no guarantees here….

Intro to ZoomProv Offerings

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Why Standup?

Standup (stand up) comedy is an artform dependent upon confidence, listening, and an acute attention to the details. In my standup classes you will learn the fundamentals of the artform: the basics of writing a joke, identifying a good premise, creating compelling setups, developing and articulating a persona, driving home punchlines, anticipating audience expectations, adding tags, and more.

You will also learn to:


  • Become a better public speaker

  • Own your failures in life

  • Tell more compelling stories

  • Tighten up your writing (in all forms)

  • Develop useful memory techniques

  • Slay at every open mic*

*Uh, depends on the audience, and what you mean by ‘slay’

Intro to Standup Offerings