Learn Comedy with Kelly

Kelly has a unique background that informs his approach to comedy. Here's why:

  • He built a comedy scene from the ground up through shows he hosted in his living room with people who had never done comedy before

  • He wrote his masters thesis on the linguistics of comedy (I mean, really)

  • He's a practicing, performing, paid comedian

  • He wants you to succeed

But don't take his word for it (or anyone who may be speaking in 3rd person about him)!

Sundays 3-5pm,

August 29th - October 3rd

Sundays 6-8pm,

August 29th - October 17th

You name the time, name the project, and I'll be there.

What Others Have to Say

george headshot.png

George Kasaev, Actor, Stranger Things

"Kelly did an amazing job slowly introducing the concepts that make comedy work. Then he gave us the opportunity to put those concepts into practice. His concept of failing gracefully gave everyone the security to participate. If you interact with humans you should take this class."


Laura Slade Wiggins, Actor, Shameless

“Kelly provides an environment for performers to be themselves and discover opportunities for growth in his classes. I felt like I was free to be myself in his classes and recommend them to anyone hoping to unlock themselves as well."


Keaton, Guitarist and Vocalist, Gimme Hendrix

“I saw Kelly do standup one night and after the show he said he offered a class. I took Kelly's class and not only am I a standup comedian now, but I'm a better person for taking the class."

Micah GR.

"The practices that Kelly teaches are powerful tools for unlocking creativity."

Chase W. 

"Kelly's manner is easy. And his teaching makes everything more fun than it has to be." 

Matt H.

"I’ve already gained the confidence to perform some around town, and even when I wasn’t killing it, I was having fun. Absolutely take this class."

Cory L.

"I have always noticed I was never good at talking to people I hadn't planned to that day, after this class I noticed improvement in the day to day and at work."

Brittany B.

"This class helped me get off the smack and clean up my act! If it weren’t for this serendipitous opportunity I’d still be turning tricks down by the Golden Pantry."