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collaborative projects

This is a list of projects I organize or have organized in the past. Each one is collaborative, and unless a collaborator is mentioned, you can assume they include the people at Tuning Fork Production Company.

krakin jokes

Krakin Jokes is a backyard comedy show started in July 2015. The bimonthly show has grown organically through word of mouth to the point it has outgrown the house.

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weenie mag cover.png

weenie mag

Cheap smut for the modern dope! Weenie Mag satisfies every itch your brain ever had (we know an itchy brain when we see one!). 

dude, where's my poetry?

Dude, Where's My Poetry? was a reading series and podcast organized in collaboration with Will Stanier. It is defunct (or maybe just a long hiatus). The first three podcast episodes are still out there.

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Squid Poster 1080.png

the flying squid spectacular

The Flying Squid Spectacular is a cabaret format sketch show written and performed by the Krakin Jokes folks. The first tour was Summer 2018. Keep your eyes peeled for the next tour and The Flying Squid Live, a livestreamed version of the show.

tuning fork human arts festival

The Tuning Fork Human Arts Festival is an annual backyard festival showcasing local comedy, music, poetry, and visual art. It began as the collaboration of Krakin Jokes, Dude, Where's My Poetry?, and Taylor Chicoine's Pity Party Social Club.

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tuning fork production company

Tuning Fork Production Company is a creative incubator and amplifier. All of these projects have been migrated and consolidated under the umbrella of Tuning Fork Production Company in hopes that they can spark new projects, cultivate a creative community through collaboration, and connect artists to new audiences. Follow the link below to see where they are now.

These projects are now under the umbrella Tuning Fork Production Company. Check out the link below to see how they are evolving.